Co-op Traffic Campaign

Thanks for the feedback on this, much appreciated. Turns out a number of people have seen a significant uptick in both traffic and sales on their Adboards, so we’ll definitely keep this going.

A few people asked about the traffic source… we’ve set up a recurring Traffic Hoopla campaign for this one, 15,000 page views a month for starters, and it seems to be getting some useful results. At this stage we’ll let that renew as long as it’s working, plus we’re looking at a couple of other options as well.

Please remember, this is NOT intended as a substitute for you promoting your own AdBoards.

It’s just us giving a bit back to help you get up and running… if you’re serious about making this work you do need to promote your own AdBoards, to bring in enough Advertisers so that their efforts will keep your AdBoard growing.

What we’re seeing is that you don’t need expensive or even ‘high quality’ traffic… because even users on the ‘worst’ free traffic sites are still looking for places to advertise… but you do need to stick at it until you get the advertisers in.

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