Co-op and Paid Traffic Campaigns

We’ve just corrected a bug in the script that was preventing us from correctly tracking and reporting the traffic we send to upgraded Members. Most of the impressions weren’t being tracked as coming from our efforts, and none of the clicks were showing up either. The overall tallies were also ignoring a number of our Co-op and Paid campaigns, so those numbers should start to look more healthy as well over the next few weeks.

We’ve reworked all the tracking codes, so all Upgraded Members will now see some action on their ‘Co-op Stats’, and Platinum Members will also see increased activity on the Paid Traffic Stats on their dashboard. One thing you won’t see is the Click tally on those impressions… all click-throughs will be attributed to the Banner’s parent campaign.

For those who missed this part of the set up… 

When a Free Member’s banner code is executed, one of their own banners is shown 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time and upgraded member ‘s banner is shown.  These are the Co-op Impressions upgraded Members (Pro & Platinum) will see in their dashboard.

They should increase gradually over time as the pool of free members continues to grow at a faster rate than the upgraded members.

We use any surplus revenue to purchase additional advertising slots, which we then use to promote our Paid Campaigns. Those impressions are shared among our Platinum Members, and will show up on their dashboard as Paid Impressions.

These will vary over time as our costs vary, so they aren’t guaranteed in any way, but again, they should increase over time as our membership grows and our costs come down.

As an extra bonus for the upgraded Members, now that EzAdz is well established and generating it’s own traffic, we’ve assigned most of the Admin Banner Campaigns to a Free Account. This means 20% of those impressions we generate ourselves will also be added to the Co-op.

This includes some of our most active campaigns running on hundreds of sites, so I’m expecting that to have a major impact for our upgraded Members over coming weeks. Right now both the Co-op and Platinum pools are being shared among a very small group of Members, so if you haven’t considered the upgrade option so far, it might be a good time to do it!

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