Checklist & Progress Stats

I don’t want to nag anyone about this, but it’s probably worth mentioning… Most of our members are only using a fraction of the available tools in their accounts.

Only a third of you have completed more than half the set up. And almost half our Members have still only completed 33%… OR LESS… of the set up on their accounts.

What you need to remember is, the first few tools are quick and easy to set up, and they will deliver some good, fast traffic, but the real power of this system is in the tail-end

Those final tools… your Profile Page and your Viral Traffic Page… will take a little more time and effort to set up, but in the long-term they will deliver a whole lot more value for you.

So if you’ve skipped the second half of the set up, you’ve probably cost yourself 70-80% of the value you could be getting from your account.

This is great news for the relative handful of members who are using everything… and getting the lions-share of the traffic here, but there’s plenty to go around… once you do your part!

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