Checklist Is Fully Tested & Live!

I just realised we still had the “Open for Testing” message at the top of the Checklist page. I thought I’d removed that from the page a few weeks back but must have forgotten to reload it to the server. So my apologies to anyone who has held off using it because of that. 

Please know it is fully tested and getting some excellent reviews. If you’ve been holding off, or you missed it, it is highly recommended that you check it out.

The first time you visit the page, I’d suggest you click the “Refresh” button, then just start at the top and work your way down the list.

You’ll find the first tasks are super quick and easy, and will get the traffic flowing ASAP. Those later on are the extras we’ve added. They take a little more time and effort, but will have some serious impacts on your results.

In particular, a lot of people still haven’t added their WarriorPlus affiliate link. Once you save that to EzClix, we use your link on any of our pages that are showing your offers. So that’s hot leads delivered to via your link… but only after you complete that step.

Likewise we’re now sending a lot of referrals on your behalf via the Viral Traffic pages, but there’s still only about 1/3 our members who have set this up. Once again, we’re ready and waiting to help you here, but you need to do your part first!

If any of that doesn’t make sense, then you really need to check the checklist!


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