Check Your AdCardz IDs Please!

I just realised a LOT of people have saved some strange details from the AdCardz Program ID… there were full URLs, usernames, email addresses and even a couple that had just a random letter.

NONE of these will work to place your referrals below you in the AdCardz network.

It also means, your referrals are unable to complete the set up themselves, because these present as broken links.

Even worse… they use the Skip option because the link isn’t working, which means your incorrect AdCardz ID is saved for them as well, so their referrals have the same problem.

So first of all, can everyone please check your saved AdCardz ID. If you had incorrect info in there, it is now pointing to my Ad (#15428). You should update with the ID Number for the Ad you created.

Secondly, can EVERYONE check all your links. If there were this many mistakes in just one program, I hate to think how many there might be in all the other programs put together…

Please use the Program Manager page to open EVERY link so you can make sure it’s working, and tracking you correctly as the referrer. Otherwise you’re referrals will be signing up under your sponsor, not you!

Or worse… they won’t be able to sign up at all!

This part is totally set-and-forget… but only if you take your time and do it properly the first time around!




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