Check Out The Bonus Page ASAP!

We’ve now got a couple of bonus traffic pages available that you can set up for a range of extra benefits… too many to list here.

Look for the Bonus link at the top of the page after you login, and that will open with two options: a Profile/Surf page, and Viral Downline Builder page. Both are ready to go!

These are both designed to be 99% set-and-forget… add your details, post a couple of links to send some traffic to get things moving… and let them run.

As a special bonus, as soon as you sent 1000 visitors to each page, we’ll be adding them to our own PERMANENT rotators, so these will then continue to work for you, 100% hands-free, forever.

So please check it out ASAP, make sure they are FULLY COMPLETED, confirm they are fully activated, set up a few links to get it all rolling, and then leave the rest to us.

There is another Funnel/List Builder page on the way for more advanced users, so get these done now and watch for the announcement once it’s ready to go!

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