Changes To Our Weekly Email

We’re going to start posting a short selection of random Member Links & Screenshot Images in the weekly email from now on. We encourage you to take a moment to look these over each week and click through on anything of interest. There’s some great offers being promoted right now, so it’s a good way to support the club and see what’s out there.

We’ve got a basic format included in this weeks email, but I’ll have a fiddle with it during the week and see if we can make it a little more interesting. The links shown are all randomly selected… though you obviously need a screenshot for your link to be used in that section, and you need a descriptive label to make it into the list of links!

When we were working on this I noticed a lot of links missing one or both of these…

That means those links can’t be included here, but also means you are missing out on exposure on the EzClix website! If you aren’t 100% certain that you’re 100% set up, please login and refresh your checklist to be sure. Any problems or questions, do reach out.


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