Bugs & Fixes: April 2023

Here’s the current list of fixed since the relaunch. Please check them and make sure you’ve taken any recommended action, as there were a few issues that will affect the people who restarted the earliest!

Custom AdCardz Rotator Link

The original version wasn’t working right, but that’s sorted now. If you’ve posted that link anywhere, it is working fine and will be delivering traffic to all your AdCards. Stats are now available on the first page of the Viral Ad Stack (VAS) Wizard.

We’ve also added a bonus there… you’ll get details when your VAS is complete and reviewed by Admin!

Strategy Page Typos & Links

We just found a typo in one of the URLs shown when you were creating your Primary AdCard as part of the Viral Ad Stack Wizard. If you used the Simple Downlines traffic page for your ad, please check your AdCard and click the button to make sure it opens the required page.

If you need to fix it, just login to AdCardz and enter the correct URL. It was showing simpeldonwlines.asp instead of simpledownlines.asp.

We also found a couple of The Click Engine buttons showing the wrong links… those have been corrected as well.

A False Alarm on Viral Ad Stack / So Many Hits ?

We’re did send out a warning that EzClix, Click Engine or Traffic Blaster would not work in So Many Hits’ frame pages, but that’s looking liek a false alarm? To be safe though, if you’ve used any of those programs in your VAS, please test your SMH links.

If you do find any of your WarriorPlus links ARE NOT loading as you’d like, you have two options…

1. Swap out the SMH link for the Warrior Plus link on your AdCard. Login to AdCardz using the creds for that Ad, and just change the Ad Link to your Warrior Plus link.

2. Modify your SMH links to point to a splash page for those sites. EzClix supplies these, but if you’re promoting either of the others, you’ll need to create your own splash page.

If you’ve completed this Wizard and chose any of these programs, please check this ASAP to make sure you’re not sending people to a blank page!

Turbinance Banner Codes – 19th March

It was just pointed out that I had the Banner Links and Target URLs back-to-front on the instructions page for Turbinance. If you’ve already added these codes to Turbinance, please take a moment to check your banners are displaying correctly next time you login there.

Viral Ad Stack Wizard

This is the biggest single step, and a couple of people got turned around already, so we’ve added a bit of a progress chart to the first page, plus some links to the various steps.

If you don’t get through it in one go, that should help you see where you need to go to start over. And if you’ve already made a few false starts, there’s now a Reset button below that, where you can clear it all and start fresh!

VTEC Out, Traffic Crowd In!

ViralTECoop has been a core part of this system since the start, but it turns out it wasn’t working so well for new accounts.

So we swapped it out for a similar site, TrafficCrowd. If you have VTEC set up and working, you can leave it there, but you should also set up EzHitzs to use Traffic Crowd, to take advantage of the viral effects.

Setting it up should only take a few minutes as it’s almost identical… register, save your username here, add our link there.

This one is not as active as VTEC was, so you won’t get as much traffic, for now, but I expect with the extra activity from EzHitzs referrals and promos, it could pick up significantly over coming months.

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