Bitcoin & Crypto Resources

I’ve updated the Recommended Resources section on the Members dash to include a couple of invaluable FREE resources I use CONSTANTLY!

There’s a couple of YouTube channels listed that share a lot of excellent content every week. If you are wanting to cash in on the current Bitcoin Bull market, you won’t find better guidance that the ‘Three Ways’ video.

There’s also a Twitter feed that focuses on the Bitcoin Halving cycle, where we’re at and where we’re headed. It overlays that on the price action during previous cycles, and give a very impressive.. and exciting… picture of what’s likely coming.

Finally, there’s an updated PDF you can download that’s our quick and easy guide to Cryptos… everything you need to know to buy, sell, store, trade and earn crypto currencies. We’ve been giving this away on a couple of our sites for quite a while and I just realised we never got around to adding it here… so now I have!


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