Announcing EzAdz Dashboard

We’ve just launched out own all-in-one Ad Manager Dashboard to replace all the complicated traffic tools and training we publish on our different websites. We’ll be updating this site shortly to use a simple EzAdz template approach instead…

As an existing CCC Member you can grab a free account using the link below…

There’s currently some very good deals available via that link if you want to upgrade, but a free account should be plenty if you only need to promote a couple of websites.

Once inside you can create about a dozen different campaign types, and embed those on virtually ANY free or paid traffic site… so you can manage all your ads from the EzAdz dashbaord.

(And never have to go back to most of the sites!)

It includes a new and improved Traffic Engine (our old Scheduler) plus a number of other useful tools and features. Basically it’s the same traffic systems we use to generate thousands of visitors to our sites every week, simplified and packaged as a single simple dashboard.

Please do check it out, grab a free account and let me know what you think!

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