Alternate Payment Options

It seems a lot of people have been hit by PayPal’s purge, so we’ve been looking at a number of alternate payment options. Unfortunately we keep running into problems in that the more established payment processors don’t like use creating payment buttons on your behalf.

We’ve been though a lengthy registration and compliance process with four different service providers now, only to have them pull the plug right at the end once they see our set up.

So I’m open to suggestions!

If you have a payment process you’d like to use AND you can send me a link to a payment page you already have set up to accept payments through that service, please send it though and I’ll check it out. (Please avoid sending suggestions unless you have a working example!)

I know a couple of people have asked about ORU, and I have registered there to set  this up, but so far I’m having trouble finding any examples of how we can accept payments on our site for your products… all the documentation I’ve been able to find suggests you need to add your products to their marketplace first… which makes our custom packages and variable pricing a bit problematic.

So again, if anyone has an example for me of how they are accepting ORU payments, please send a link and I’ll get this set up asap!

Thanks in advance for your help!


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