A New News Format!

I’ve just set up a Weekly News Digest newsletter for Crypto Cash Coop. It will go out automatically every Wednesday with a short summary of any new news items that have been posted to the blog. If there’s anything that interests you, you can click through to read the full article online.

If there’s no new posts, there’ll be no newsletter… I won’t bother you unless I have something useful to share.

This is 100% opt-in though… you’ll find a form on the website… you can subscribe there to get the weekly digest, or you can just read through the summary of new items on the Dashboard when you login. Again, if any interest you, you can click through and read them on the blog.

Just a heads-up… I’m publishing news for all my sites on a single blog now… so you’ll be taken to a different site if you click. This is just to streamline things for me, and hopefully help me be more consistent in publishing updates to all our different sites!


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