A Few Statistics Updates

Just took a quick look through our group stats and noticed that EzHitzs generated a massive 200,000 unique visitors for our first week open to the general public!

We reset everything just before open the doors, including out beta-testers, so that’s all new traffic. And realistically that includes set up time for most people, so that’s a great effort. Well done everyone!

We’ve also done some work on the conversion tracking. Some of your signups weren’t being accurately tracked to a traffic tag. To be clear, there was no issue with assigning you the referral… just the traffic tag wasn’t being updated to reflect the final conversion step.

Finally, a couple of people have asked about the Email Clicks statistic…

These will take a while to get moving. They’re are generated when someone you sent to the site opts in to our list and starts receiving emails. When they do start clicking, most of the landing pages will generate anywhere from 3-8 credits on your various traffic sites.

The first few emails are following up on the EzHitzs offer, then gradually we move through your various downline builder and strategy pages… and eventually if there’s no interest we send a long list of 3rd party affiliate offers on your behalf.

So if it turns out they’re not clicking much, you might still end up scoring a few handy commissions.


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