A few important additions…

We’ve added a few extras and improvements to EzClix the last couple of weeks, so please take a moment to look these over…

Traffic Resources Page: 

This is a listing of the best traffic sources we’re using, partly so you can get a feel for where your visitors are coming from, but also as a resource for anyone looking for some extra traffic of their own. This is just getting started, but we’ll be adding a short review and link to any of the traffic sites that are working well for EzClix.

Most of these probably will use affiliate links, so if you use those and make a purchase, any commissions will be fed back into the EzClix system!

Suggest A Traffic Source:

While you’re on that page, you’ll notice a suggestion form… if you have a quality source that really delivers for you, please share some details. If we aren’t already using it, we’ll sign up under you, and if we add it to our roster permanently, that could be some big, ongoing commissions for you.

We expect to get a lot of submissions, so those that include detailed review/results info will probably be looked at first!

Member Testimonials: 

Just realised I’d loaded an older version of the page to the site and this wasn’t working. Fixed now, so if you’d tried to submti a testimonial… or you’d like to!!!!… please give it another try.

Testimonials help us close your sales and make you commissions, so it’s in your interest to share your positive experiences when you can. Genuine and specific works best!

Viral Traffic Page: 

These are getting a lot of traffic and some good sign-ups now. This is a valuable bonus on your account, but only about one third of our Members have set it up. Make sure you check it out, save your User IDs and ‘Activate’ it next time you login so EzClix can get you your first two referrals!

Screenshots vs Thumbnails: 

A few people have asked about this and yes, it looks like the thumbnails are getting a slightly better click-through rate than the straight up screenshots. So yes, you can swap out your screenshots if you want.

All we ask is that you be careful to avoid anything that comes across as clickbait. If you add test to your screenshots, make sure it is accurate and relevant or we’ll go back to plain screenshots only!

Traffic Quality & Stats:

We’ve had some good anecdotal feedback on this, but we can’t track how well any of the traffic we send to your offers converts, so we don’t like to make any claims or promises. We’re aiming for quality and buyers, but only you will be able to determine how well it works for your own offers.

What we will do is test all our traffic sources on the ExClix offer… if we make sales of EzClix, the traffic source stays on the roster, but if it can’t sell EzClix it gets dropped.

We’re adding new sources to test constantly, and this is going to just get better and better, so best approach is probably to take a longer-term view, give your offers time to work, but also be prepare to swap them out and try something different if it isn’t converting.

The Viral Traffic Page mentioned above will take care of promoting EzClix for you once you set it up, so you can focus on finding offers that work with EzClix traffic!

Member Newsletters: 

We’re hoping to have these sorted this week. Please watch out for the first edition in the next few days, and consider staying subscribed for a few weeks, just to see how it works and how it benefits you!

We will have monthly, weekly and daily versions available, so hopefully everyone will choose one of those to support the Club!

That’s it for now, have a great day!


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