A couple of minor fixes

Just a heads-up that we’ve (finally) resolved a couple of nagging issues in the AdCardz site.

When your Advertisers create a new AdCard they need to generate some points to activate it. That’s where some of your Advertisers will choose view other people’s ads. This is good for your AdBoard as it generates Ad Views and Ad Clicks, which encourage even more visitors to create their own Ads.

We’ve had a few issues tracking those clicks accurately, but we’ve recently updated the script and that seems to be working a lot better. We’ve also added a warning to the visitors Ad Manage page, that they need to have cookies enabled and NOT be using a private browser session for it to work.

Hopefully that will save us all a few support emails. If you do get any queries on this, please just remind the user they need to login to manage their ad first and be accepting our cookies. If that’s an issue, they can always send some visitors instead!

We’ve also had another go at the Image Uploads. These have always worked OK, but when users replace an image, quite often the page would continue to show the original since it was already cached in their browser and in our content delivery system.

I’ve tried a few options to force the image to refresh in the past, with mixed results, but it looks like we might have it working for everyone this time around. So hopefully that’s another issues you won’t be getting emails about!

We’ve got a couple of other items we’ll be looking at shortly, more on those when they’re complete. After that we’ll be doing a full audit and update of the site and code later in the year.

If you have any ideas or feature requests, send them on in and we’ll look at those as well. Thanks in advance…

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